.Feast Tries Something Different in Their Latest Single, “Nina”


Bingkai Karya-.Feast try something different with their latest single “Nina.” Produced by Vega Antares and released by Sun Eater to digital streaming platforms in July 2024. This heartfelt song is the third track to be taken from the Jakarta rock group’s long-awaited third album “Membangun & Menghancurkan.”

A music video for “Nina” will also soon premiere on the band’s YouTube channel. Named after guitarist Adnan Satyanugraha’s daughter, “Nina” is .Feast’s tribute to their collective niece. The overall theme of “Membangun & Menghancurkan” is introspective and examines the different aspects of life. Due to that, .Feast felt it necessary to write a song inspired by the massive trajectory shift that marriage and parenthood brings.

To help bring the song to life, .Feast enlisted Vega Antares. He is best known as the singer and guitarist of Surabaya indie rock band Vox as well as a stalwart collaborator on Ahmad Dhani’s various projects. Also contributing to the track are Dias Widjajanto on drums and Dennis Ferdinand as vocal director. In addition, the familial feel of “Nina” is perfect because having friends from Sun Eater who provide backing and choir vocals.

Undoubtedly, the tender nature of “Nina” might surprise longtime listeners of .Feast’s music, which identical with aggressiveness. Some may even balk at the very idea of the band writing songs for children. But given that “Nina” in particular and “Membangun & Menghancurkan” as a whole is a testament to .Feast’s ongoing maturity as a band and as human beings, it’s time for their listeners to grow up with them (and maybe even gain a new generation of fans in the process).

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