Chiki Fawzi & Ikang Fawzi Define Life as Airport in Single ‘Bandara’

Chiki Fawzi finally decided to re-release the single titled ‘Bandara’ because of her admiration for airports. Chiki acknowledged that an airport is like a gathering place for all kinds of people, each person has their own emotional status and character. This song was released in 2019, and it was re-released on July 14, 2022. In this new version, Chiki invited her father, Ikang Fawzi to sing along and made this song as a duet.

She wrote “Bandara” when she was waiting for a connecting flight at the airport. The airport resembled a candy with various flavors and a small portrayal of life. On the other hand, she realized that the airport functioned as a temporary transit area similar to life, which is dynamic and always changing.

 “The point is that I want to tell many people not to be afraid of the uncertainty in the world, never give up to keep working hard and keep moving forward,Chiki explained.

The music video for the single ‘Bandara’ is available on Youtube. This video was shot in Bandung by visualizing an airport which is a place to meet and part with a dreamy feel. Produced by Joshua Alexander,  ‘Bandara’ successfully captures a contrasting vocal character of the father-daughter duet, making this song pervasive in an introspective atmosphere which is also the main highlight of this song.


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