3 Matches That Teach Solidarity on Independence Day

On 17th August people celebrate independence day with many competitions. Some of them teach the youth solidarity which is still relevant to Indonesia’s current condition: owning many islands which results in a variety of traditions, cultures, and ethnic groups. It turns out that some of the competitions that are held when celebrating independence day can make us more solid. If you are looking for competitions requiring togetherness, these 3 are suitable! 

Balap Bakiak Beregu

Bakiak Beregu. Bakiak is a long sandal made from wood it required one team that consist 3 players in one Bakiak Beregu, in order to win Bakiak Beregu each player needs to match their speed when walking and being the first one to reach the finish line, if one of the player did not match the speed of walking it is very possible the team will be fall to the ground and got overtaken by another team, little do we know Bakiak Beregu has the value of compactness in order to reach our purpose. 

Tarik Tambang 

Tarik Tambang is one of the most popular matches to celebrate independence day. To play this match every player must pull as far back as possible when competing in Tarik Tambang. The teams keep tugging until the referee’s position is crossed by the middle of the rope, typically marked with a tape mark. When the referee signals that one team has successfully pulled past the center, that team will win, thus Tarik Tambang highly relies on team-works which makes the team stronger in order to win.    

Panjat Pinang 

Panjat Pinang is an Indonesian traditional game where players are required to climb a pole and then take the reward that hangs on the top of the pole, commonly the reward is basic needs such as  T-Shirt, Iron, and cooking tools. It sounds simple and yet it requires good team work due to a slippery pole. The pole is covered by oil so that it is impossible to get the reward, thus players are forced to step on another player’s shoulder in order to get to the top without stepping on another player’s shoulder there is no way to reach the present, in this way Panjat Pinang teaches us about solidarity and unity.


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