China to Focus on Building an Open Global Economy for Other Countries

China will focus on promoting new economic development by sharing market opportunities with other countries, and expanding imports of high-quality products and services.

China’s deputy prime minister, Ding Xuexiang made remarks at the China Development Forum (CDF) on Sunday that China will continue to open up its markets and strengthen efforts to attract foreign investment. This opening aims not only to promote China’s development, but also to benefit the world.

Ding Xuexiang said that to build an open world economy, China will cooperate with other countries, promote a stable world economy, and share opportunities in opening up and overcoming existing challenges with cooperation. He also added that China will further enhance coordination of international macroeconomic policies and prevent serious spillover effects caused by radical policy changes. This will maintain true multilateralism, feed positive energy into the global economic recovery, and provide stability and predictability.

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In 2023, the CDF with the theme “Economic Recovery: Opportunity and Cooperation” opened in Beijing on Sunday. The event, organized by the State Council Development Research Center, serves as a platform for exchange and discussion between the global business elite, governments, leaders of international organizations, and renowned foreign and Chinese scholars.

In his main speech, Liu Kun as the Minister of Finance voiced Deputy Prime Minister Ding Xuexiang’s opinion regarding China’s high-quality economic development, observing that China has successfully integrated disease prevention and control with the nation’s social and economic growth.

Meanwhile, China will exert efforts to improve macro control, innovate, and comprehensively deepen reform and opening up so as to promote the improvement of economic operations and achieve an effective level of quantity and quality growth, said Zheng Shanjie, Director of the National Reform Development Commission.

Source: SCMP, CGTN

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