Cigarettes After Sex Announces New Album ‘X’s’ and Global Tour

Bingkai KaryaCigarettes After Sex is back with a new album, a tour, and a deeper dive into their sound. Their upcoming LP, titled ‘X’s’, is set for release on July 12th, 2024, via Partisan Records.

‘X’s’ delves into a single, intense relationship that spanned four years for frontman Greg Gonzalez. He describes the record as “brutal” and a means of processing the experience through music. While previous albums drew from various relationships, this one focuses on a singular journey.

While staying true to classic pop structures, the band explores a new sonic landscape, moving away from their 50s and 60s influences and embracing a 70s/80s slow dance vibe. The first single, “Tejano Blue,” is a nod to Gonzalez’s Texas roots and features the band’s signature sensuality with a livelier tempo.

Gonzalez explains how he grew up surrounded by Tejano music but initially gravitated towards other genres. Later, he rediscovered this music and used it as inspiration, combining it with the sounds of Cocteau Twins to create a unique blend.

This personal journey coincides with Cigarettes After Sex’s rise to global stardom. Despite their shadowy presence – no music videos and a preference for monochrome artwork – the band has amassed a massive following. They boast 23 million monthly listeners on Spotify and have been featured on TikTok billions of times.

The band’s upcoming tour will span the globe, including stops in Asia and iconic venues like Madison Square Garden and London’s O2 Arena. Despite their mainstream success, Cigarettes After Sex continues to maintain a sense of mystery, allowing their music to be the focus for their fans.


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