Citra Scholastika Emotional Comeback: Unveiling the Story of ‘Pernah Singgah’ in “Layangan Putus The Movie”

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian songstress Citra Scholastika has made a triumphant return to the music scene with the release of the official music video for her latest single, ‘Pernah Singgah.’ Serving as the original soundtrack for the much-anticipated film “Layangan Putus The Movie,” the song beautifully captures the theme of loss and the strength required to let go. In collaboration with MD Musik Indonesia, Scholastika teamed up with director Arief Budiman to bring the poignant narrative to life through a visually stunning music video.

“Pernah Singgah” delves into the emotional journey of letting go of someone who has left a lasting impact. Drawing inspiration from the film’s protagonist, Kinan, portrayed in “Layangan Putus The Movie,” Scholastika skillfully expresses the resilience needed to face the pain of separation. The song’s melodic beauty and poignant lyrics were crafted by the talented trio Tiga Sixpuluh (Meytaria Rosalina, Rasyid Maulana, Mandy Robins).

Directed by Arief Budiman, the official music video unfolds in two distinct concepts – the red dress symbolizing Kinan’s strength and sincerity, and the gold dress representing Kinan as a valuable woman. The video artfully weaves in theatrical dance sequences to depict the complex relationships between Kinan, Aris, and Lydia. This unique approach adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to the storytelling, making it a visual feast for the audience.

Budiman, sharing insights into the creative process, explained, “The red dress represents Kinan’s strength and toughness, while the gold dress signifies her value wasted by Aris.” The incorporation of theatrical dance scenes adds a fresh perspective to the conventional music video format, enhancing the narrative and bringing Kinan’s story to life.

Expressing her thoughts on the project, Scholastika shared, “This official music video concept is quite unique and new for me.” She expressed hope that ‘Pernah Singgah’ not only represents the film but also resonates with the hearts of Indonesian music lovers. The singer’s dedication to conveying the emotional depth of the song through both the audio and visual elements is evident in every frame of the music video.

“Layangan Putus The Movie” explores the aftermath of Aris and Kinan’s divorce as Kinan adapts to her new life as a single parent and rekindles her career as a doctor. The plot thickens when Aris, accompanied by Lydia, enters Kinan and their daughter Raya’s lives, leading to a web of complicated problems and emotional turmoil. The film promises a gripping narrative that unfolds on December 21, 2023, in cinemas across Indonesia.

Citra Scholastika’s ‘Pernah Singgah’ and its accompanying music video mark a significant chapter in the artist’s career, showcasing her ability to convey profound emotions through her music. As fans eagerly await the release of “Layangan Putus The Movie,” the powerful combination of Scholastika’s soulful voice and the visually captivating storytelling in the music video sets the stage for a memorable and emotionally charged cinematic experience.


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