Climate Change Potentially Impacts Volcano, Scientists Say

Recently, Jonathan Fink and Idowu “Jola” Ajibade, a volcanologist and associate professor of geography at Portland State University (PSU), found new effects of climate change.

Through their work in the Bulletin of Volcanology, they stated that climate change keeps going to have impacts on volcanic eruptions. Sea level rise, glacial melting, aquifer depletion, and mountain erosion can impact volcanic eruption frequency and likelihood.

The impact of climate change can additionally be societal. The researchers showed that planning for and responding to crises is becoming more difficult. This is due to climate-related disasters increasing the risk of volcanic eruption.

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Therefore, it is necessary to understand the track of volcano activity. By figuring out how it has been working anticipates how it will change in the future. Although the answers of why, where, when, and how long volcanoes will erupt are still unknown, the researchers have examined the current knowledge.

Fink also stated that future volcano scientists need to broaden their interest to many more fields. They include social science, public health, and communications.

The reason is because of intensification of climate impacts. If countries in the world realize the effect on society, they will take volcano-mimicking interventions into account. The future volcano scientists need to advise the government on the events’ evolution.


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