You Need To Start Walking More From Today, Here’s Why

Walking is a flexible physical activity that can be done at any time and brings many health benefits. Walking can be done at any time of the day. Although it can be done at any time, each time has different benefits. 

According to verywellfit, walking in the morning can help a person feel more energized and wake up the nervous system. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, it can build muscle performance in the form of resistance training. Overall, walking provides many health benefits, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening. Here’s the benefit of you walking regardless of time:

4 Benefits of Walking

1. Burns calories

Walking can help a person burn calories so that they can maintain or lose weight. Calorie burning depends on several factors, namely walking speed, distance traveled, terrain, and body weight. Walking has proven to be an effective cardio training that can be done by any person.

2. Reduces the risk of heart disease

Walking for at least 30 minutes five days a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by about 19 percent. A person’s risk of developing heart disease is reduced more when increasing the duration or distance walked per day.

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3. Lowers blood sugar 

Taking a short walk after a meal can help lower blood sugar. A small study found that a 15-minute walk three times a day (after breakfast, lunch, and dinner) improved blood sugar levels more than a 45-minute walk at other points during the day. However, further research is needed to confirm the study so that it is more valid.

4. Relieves joint pain

Walking can help protect joints, including knees and hips. This is because walking helps lubricate and strengthen the muscles that support the joints. In addition, walking can also provide benefits for people living with arthritis, such as reducing pain, as written in the arthritis organization website.

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