Comeback With Powerful Piano Ballad, Greyson Chance Releases “Rearview Mirror”

Bingkai Karya-Oklahoma born singer-songwriter, Greyson Chance makes a comeback with a beautifully tender piano ballad titled “Rearview Mirror.” Showcasing the artist’s deeply powerful voice and vivid storytelling abilities to the highest degree, the song marks the starting point of a new era for him. Greyson is taking listeners on a journey from who he was to who he is today through the creation of a very personal brand of pop music with indie influences. 

“Writing Rearview Mirror has ultimately been a study in patience. I’ve made a lot of music in the past year, trying as an artist to make something that felt bigger than me, and I pushed myself a lot. It took a while to trust the process and to believe I could do it. Rearview Mirror is the first song to come of a very inward chapter in my career, and I am grateful now to have taken the time to make something I’m very proud of,” Greyson shares.

Essentially, Greyson Chance is a storyteller who approaches his work with the meticulous attention to detail of a writer. The song “Rearview Mirror” displays a polished, sophisticated tone that clearly reflects the musician’s strong sense of musical identity.

This release follows Greyson’s third studio album “Palladium,” which garnered reputable support from areas such as PAPER and Rolling Stone, as well as gaining millions of streams online. With a sound created over months of contemplation, Greyson emerges from the pandemic with his strongest song to date, which also serves as a preview of the path he will take in the next months. 

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