Ardhito Pramono Unfolds His Career Journey Through His Latest Album “Roadtrip” 

Bingkai Karya-After a period of hiatus, it seems that Ardhito Pramono has been producing new works. He releases a new album entitled “Roadtrip,” which aims to depict his career journey thus far. For his audience, Ardhito Pramono will perform eleven songs. The highs and lows of his journey as one of Indonesia’s top musicians will be savored through this album. 

“Roadtrip” symbolizes a long and profound journey, one reflecting the transformative process of personal growth. Every aspect of this process is embedded in each track of the ‘Roadtrip’ album,” Ardhito explained. The album itself feels very personal to him. There are many stories that inspired the creation of “Roadtrip,” from moments of sadness, anger, disappointment, and restlessness, all encompassed in this album. 

In the making of “Roadtrip,” Ardhito collaborated with several of his peers. First off, his production team currently consists of Aldi Nada Perdana and Erikson Jayanto, as well as Yooky Tjahrial, Mr. Mirza Soemarno, Muthia Dewi, and Nikita Dompas. Narpati Awangga also contributed to the production of this album.

Ardhito admits that the album was produced in a relatively short time frame. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that it needed a strong push to be released promptly. “The production process wasn’t particularly lengthy. But deciding on its release took a considerable amount of time, around a year. Because this album tells the story of Ardhito Pramono’s journey toward becoming a better person. Now, the dilemma was, am I ready?” he mentioned.

Mini Series MV

Alongside this album, Ardhito also presents a mini-series; he  has conceptualized a series of music videos on his youtube channel. Using his unique skills in both music and movies, Ardhito aims to create the stunning visual piece of  “Roadtrip.” The music video series, which consists of five episodes, explores a chaotic society that grows from a corporation and becomes intolerable. In this action-packed science fiction series, Ardhito Pramono plays the central character, Jule. Along with June, his childhood friend and the daughter of the corporation’s owner, he sets out on a mission to bring a wicked corporation to an end.

Behind the scenes, Ardhito Pramono collaborated with director Bagoes Tresna Adji. Aco Tenri also lent a hand, especially for the second episode. Meanwhile, the script for this music video series was penned by Ardhito himself.

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