Ardhito Pramono Talked About Self Existential in “Wijayakusuma”

Jakarta-based soloist, Ardhito Pramono, released a new song entitled “Wijayakusuma”. It is his first work after his rehabilitation period, as well as his comeback to Aksara Records after 13 years inactive. This song was produced by Gusti Irwan Wibowo and written together with Narpati “Oomleo” Awangga. 

Ardhito created “Wijayakusuma” in 2021 when he became the witness of an eviction of natural area Canggu in order to build a villa by foreigners. At the beginning, he criticized that event through a song, before Oomleo replied to his critics because his song lacked Indonesian elements. 

“I have many worries about…’what am I useful for? I’m a musician, actor, then what?’ I question what my function is. I tell Oomleo about many things, which in the end I also put it in my song,” explained Ardhito about the beginning of “Wijayakusuma”.  

Ardhito then made “Wijayakusuma” as a 2 rounds song telling about self existential. In the first round, Ardhito questioned the meaning of life with solemn piano accompaniment, gentle orchestra, and choir. The majestic arrangement with gamelan and sinden made the song more magnificent. 

“I tried to go back to the old days for the whole process (of making the song). Even though there are many supporting technologies, I only use the old ones. Although there are many orchestral services which are more practical in Budapest, I still choose to record it in Indonesia with players and tools from Indonesia,” added him. 

The Indonesiana pop concept he brought then triggered Hanindito Sidharta, co-founder of Aksara Records, to bring the record label back. Aksara Records will also release Ardhito’s full album that will be out this July. Just like “Wijayakusuma”, Ardhito music color in the album will carry old Indonesian pop.


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