Maher Zain Lights Up the Eid with “Eidun Mubarak”

Eid Al-Adha is counting days. To welcome the Eid, Maher Zain released a new Eid song entitled “Eidun Mubarak” or Blessed Eid. Maher Zain put joyful vibes to the song, joining the happiness of 1.8 billion Muslims around the world who will celebrate Eid. 

Maher Zain wrote and produced the song by himself, with a music video that featured himself as a cartoon character. The music video portrayed cartoon Maher Zain who woke up in the morning to welcome Eid. The whole family was ready for Eid and went to the mosque to perform Eid prayers. The music video was full of happiness in celebrating Eid.

“Eidun Mubarak” is Maher Zain’s 2n animated song after his first animated music video entitled “Palestine Will Be Free (2009)”. It is also Maher Zain’s 2nd Eid themed song after his first Eid song, “Eidun Saeed (2014)” featuring Mesut Kurtis.

Maher Zain produced the music for the new single “Eidun Mubarak,” along with the upbeat tune and happy lyrics. Ronny Lahti and Bjorn Engelman handled the mixing and mastering, respectively.

“I’ve been meaning for quite some time to write and produce a new song about Eid, a festive song that appeals to the whole family, to both parents and children, and to people of all ages. While working on the lyrics and melody in my home studio, my small audience – my children – and their joyful attitude when they heard the song during the writing and recording process was quite a big motivation for me to complete this project and for it to see the light of day. ( Our children need these positive messages to be in their minds, and the melody must be such that it appeals to them, matching the energy such an age has. I hope you all like it as well, both young and old, and I wish you all Eidun Mubarak,” said Maher Zain. 


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