4 Huge Food You Must Try in Malang, Mukbangers Assemble!

Holiday is here! Who is up for a culinary journey? Malang has been popular for being one of the food travel destinations. From legendary menus to viral food, you can eat many delicious foods here.

But, eating viral food is common now, have you tried challenging yourself to eat a huge portion of food? Malang has the options! Here are 4 massive portioned food spots you must try!

Nasi Goreng Pak Dji

Who does not like Nasi Goreng? A signature menu from Indonesia that is very well-known abroad. Nasi Goreng Pak Dji offers a great portion of Nasi Goreng that is usually called “portugal” or “porsi tukang gali/land digger portion”. No wonder that the restaurant is always crowded. Nasi Goreng Pak Dji is located in Trunojoyo Street. Only IDR 25.000, you can enjoy a plate of Nasi Goreng that can be eaten by 3-4 people at once. 

Burger Buto

Just like the name, Buto/Giant, Burger Buto outlet offers a giant-portioned burger that can be enjoyed by up to 7 people each portion. They have a significant green ring shaped bun that represents Buto. Inside, there are nuggets, cheeses, eggs, vegetables, and many more. Grab their signature giant burger for only IDR 35.000

Unic Crab

Malang is also known for its seafood spots. If you are a big fan of seafood, you can come to Unic Crab. Unic Crab presents a big portion of seafood with complete choices like crabs, clams, shrimps, and many more. You can choose the sauces, from blackpepper to Padang. A package of seafood can be enjoyed for IDR 200.000. Unic Crab is in Arjuno Street, Malang.

Depot Kanton

Located in Retawu Street No. 6, Malang, Depot Kanton has various Chinese cuisines with inexpensive prices yet with large portions. You can bring your whole family to this restaurant to enjoy Chinese food at a low-cost price. 


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