A ‘Stranger Things’ Cafe Comes to Japan Until Sept 2022

Stranger Things the series is back on Netflix with their 4th season, also known as Stranger Things 4: Volume 2. To welcome this sci-fi series, a cafe in Japan collaborated with Netflix to open a Stranger Things themed cafe for a limited period until September 2022.

A cafe is named “Stranger Pronto” and located in Pronto Cafe, specifically the Shibuya Fukuras branch. It is open from today, July 6, 2022, until September 4, 2022, from 9 AM to 10 PM. 

This cafe will be decorated with many Stranger Things-related decorations that can be used as an interesting photo spot for the visitors. The cafe has a road to Hawkins backdrop, the Byers House, and a Demogorgon trick art. 

Not only the decorations, this cafe also offers Stranger Things themed menus, such as a blue “Upside Down” cream soda, “Nancy’s Halloween Party Mocktail, Eleven’s Favorite Waffle, and “Demogorgon’s Roast Beef Pasta” which is shaped in such a way that it resembles a Demogorgon.

The takeaway menus are also interesting to grab: ’80s-style banana milkshake or the Dark Side Mocha shake, which comes with a Demogorgon straw. 

Stranger Things is a series about people in a small village who deal with many peculiar things after a child is lost. This series aired for the first time in 2016 and continuously gained many fans. What do you think, Stranger Things fans? Are you interested in visiting the cafe?


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