Awdella Shared Her Tragic Love in “Tertawan Hati”

Awdella released a single entitled “Tertawan Hati” talking about being stuck in a crossing between stay or leave, cannot be alone yet cannot be together.

Awdella wanted to stay but she was too tired of her lover, but she was also unable to be alone. Awdella, together with Dewangga Alesandro and Yotari Kezia, wrote this song by herself.

“I wrote this song based on my friend’s experience who was in a toxic relationship, but she was hesitant to leave the relationship due to her love for her man,” said Awdella. 

Not only that, Awdella was also helped by Barsena Besthandi as Vocal Director, making the song full of emotions. 

“I really hope that this song can represent those who are in a toxic relationship and be brave to end their hesitancy. And I hope that this song can be accepted by all music lovers,” 

“Tertawan Hati” is already out on all digital music platforms. 


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