Stand Atlantic Releases Alt-Pop Love Song Called, “LOVE U ANYWAY”

Bingkai Karya – Australian pop-punk band, Stand Atlantic releases an emotional alt-pop love song called “LOVE U ANYWAY.” The band’s genuine unity is highlighted in the Music Video. It’s no secret that the personnels: Bonnie, Miki, Potter, and Jonno have an uncanny synergy.

The song, which Bonnie admits is her first proper love song, is an anthem that can be related to by friends, lovers, and family alike and will melt hearts everywhere. The song can be heard on the group’s upcoming album, “Was Here,” which is due out on August 23. With a 15-song tracklist and a menacing album cover, Stand Atlantic is prepared to smash their way to the top.

“My first explicit love song is called “LOVE U ANYWAY” I made an effort to relate to how I felt in relationships that saw extreme highs and lows; you get dependent on each other’s cycles, but in the end, you cling to the hope that you would always love each other,” she said.

With the release of their full-length project, Stand Atlantic have continued their rapid success after clocking up more than 80 million combined streams from songs including “hair out,” “deathwish” (featuring Nothing, Nobody), “pity party” (with Royal & the Serpent), and “switchblade.” Fans were awarded a brand-new duet called “dumb” with Tom The Mail Man along with the album. The band has received a ton of praise from publications including Kerrang!, AltPress, Rock Sound, and more, and they have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.


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