Croud Increases Awareness of Obsession and Anxiety in MMXXIII Demo “HUN’S ADDICTION // SOMEHOW (EVENTUALLY)”

Croud released the MMXXIII DEMO which contains 2 tracks namely “Hun Addiction ” and “Somehow (Finally)”. Pharaa (vocals), Imung (bass & vocals), Ganjar (guitar & vocals), Firhan (guitar), and Asa (drums) tried different musical styles due to the addition of Pharaa as their new vocalist.

The MMXXIII demo contains “Hun’s Addiction” which tells about someone who has an excessive obsession with an object. This addiction appears when guitarist, Ihun, feels anxious when he doesn’t play the guitar. After holding the guitar, his brain began to generate many inspirations. The guitar has become a medicine and sedative for his anxiety. From this comes the theme of Hunger Addiction.

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This song is like a continuation of “Somehow (Eventually)” which shows that the anxiety still continues. This is felt by Imung, the bassist, who is worried about his social environment with his friends who were successful first. While Imung experienced stagnation, he felt like he was drifting, losing direction and aimless. Imung poured that anxiety into “Somehow (Eventually)”.

The two songs are related, both are about anxiety at a young age, we are often unstable to the point of causing anxiety. Croud has finally crushed those worries in the form of a maxi single titled “Hun’s Addiction” and Somehow (Eventually)” which will be released on April 25, 2023 on various digital music platforms.

Croud will focus more on their priority of preparing recorded material that will be released on Extended Played (EP) format in late 2023. Croud hopes that their work can take inspiration and motivation as anxiety, scarcity, and tendencies can be dispelled. 

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