Dash Lunde Reveals His New EP “Energy Mirror: The Prelude,” the First Chapter of VPC Project’s Album

Dash Lunde VPC Album

Bingkai Karya-Virtual Perfection Cowboy (VPC), the project of New York-based musician, producer and multimedia artist, Dash Lunde reveals his ethereal new EP, “Energy Mirror: The Prelude.” 

“Energy Mirror: The Prelude” is the first chapter of Virtual Perfection Cowboy’s album, “Energy Mirror.” The instrumental 6-track EP introduces listeners to VPC’s diverse, experimental and textured soundscapes. It’s an eclectic project that blends ambient electronica, dream pop, psychedelic rock, neoclassical composition, and dance music

“Energy Mirror: The Prelude” is the first tease of the “Energy Mirror” album. It tells the story of a godlike being, “The Dancer” who must incarnate in a human body to win a dance competition to save the universe. “This first EP set the stage for the diversity of instrumentals. It will be heard throughout the album, which draws on the history of dance music: disco, house, techno, drum & bass, etc. Also it combine it with VPC’s trademark sounds,” he said.

Dash Lunde is a unique artistic force. Born and raised in New York City, he grew up surrounded by the arts. He started playing bass and guitar at a young age. The Virtual Perfection Cowboy project was an outlet for Dash to experiment. VPC has grown to be not only a music project, but also an immersive multimedia experience. The next chapter of VPC will include bringing these art installations to life with live experiential multimedia art shows in New York City.

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