Judika and Lesti Released Their First Duet Single in 2024, “Bukan Karena Tak Cinta”

Judika feat Lesti

Bingkai Karya-In the middle of 2024, Judika released a new single titled “Bukan Karena Tak Cinta.” This song is Judika and Lesti Kejora’s first duet song which was released on all digital platforms on Friday, June 7.

The song, written by Enda “UNGU” & Oncy “UNGU”, is a collaboration between PT Dua Anak Deo and 3D Entertainment. This work has long been planned to be a duet song by Judika and Lesti. However, due to their busy schedules and several other reasons, it was only realized in 2024.

Telling the story of true love, this song was arranged so nicely by Ivan Dewanto & Reza Eka Putra. Judika said that he hopes this duet can be something everlasting. “I want people to remember this duet as much as the song itself because there are parts in it that have hooks that can be remembered continuously, like the song Endless Love. The duet part is simple but romantic,” said Judika when telling how this song was made.

Lesti explained that this collaboration was an unforgettable experience. Unlike Judika and Lesti’s previous music videos, this music video was produced using the XR (Extended Reality) technique. The music video was created by Guava Production House and shot at DossGuavaXR studio. This technology combines elements of the real world and the virtual world, creating a more interactive experience. 

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