Featuring MAX, Gryffin and Disco Lines Unveiled their Latest Single “MAGNET”

Gryffin MAGNET

Bingkai Karya-Dance music maverick Gryffin has unveiled his latest single “MAGNET,” with fellow producer Disco Lines and multi-platinum artist MAX out now via Virgin Music. The single is part of Gryffin’s upcoming third studio album “PULSE.”

“MAGNET’ sparks with the sensual lyrics and endearing ideas that Gryffin’s “PULSE” will deliver to dance floors this summer. MAX’s catchy topline is energized by thumping kicks, which maintain a steady pace while he sings, “baby you’re a magnet, some kind of magic, no matter where I go, you’re gonna lead home.” 

“‘MAGNET’ is one of my favorite collaborations that I’ve been really looking forward to releasing from my third album. Disco Lines is a producer I’ve been a fan of for a minute and we’ve been tossing around ideas for a bit. This song felt right once we got MAX’s vocals. MAX and I have been trying to do a collaboration for years and couldn’t be more excited that we finally found a record to do together. This one’s for playing loud in the car this summer driving down the coast!” Gryffin said

Japanese-American producer, instrumentalist, songwriter, and DJ, Dan Griffith has built a breathtaking catalog of melodic, lyrically-led dance originals and remixes as Gryffin. In 2019, Gryffin released his stunning debut “Gravity”, with his sophomore album “Alive” following in 2022.

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