Cherishing the Warmth of Platonic Love, Hiatus Kaiyote Releases “Love Heart Cheat Code”

Hiatus Kaiyote

Bingkai Karya-Three-time GRAMMY-nominated band, Hiatus Kaiyote releases the title track single from their forthcoming album “Love Heart Cheat Code.” Keeping in line with the album’s themes of cherishing the warmth of platonic love, its title track “Love Heart Cheat Code” demonstrates the same platonic love that the band has for one another.

One of Hiatus Kaiyote’s greatest strengths is their ability to write collectively, and that process is rooted in the deep fun the band has playing together. The band’s bass player Paul Bender shares, “Everybody in the band has an array of toys and sounds and stuff, and I just remember thinking, ‘I wonder how it would sound if I put my little bass pedal on ‘harmonize’ mode?” Simon on keys then added in chords from an old Roland RS 505 Paraphonic synthesizer.  The band had a eureka moment at that point, and Nai Palm transformed the jam into the album’s lead single.

Hiatus Kaiyote also releases their upcoming album called “Love Heart Cheat Code.” The album features 11 light-hearted, joyful melodies that capture the essence of four musicians dancing together on the brink. 

On the upcoming album, the band more rely on discussion and drift than direct approach. Examples of this include shared dinners and late-night or early-morning jam sessions. Also tinkering with instruments and one another. Other Melbourne-based musicians on the album include guitarist Tom Martin, flautist Nikodimos, and Taylor Crawford, who invented the frello.

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