Janita Gabriela Comeback with a Heartbreak Song, “Tak Ingin Mengenalmu”

Bingkai Karya – It took six months for Janita Gabriela to comeback through her third single, “Tak Ingin Mengenalmu.” This third single is her first time taking on the role as a songwriter. “This is the first time I wrote a song after a long time learning how to make a song well. After it was finished, I gave it to my label as an option for the third single. Thankfully, Sony Music responded positively and immediately chose it for my new song,” she said.

Still carrying the theme of love, especially heartbreak, this song describes the feelings of someone who is disappointed in himself. When we love someone, but it turns out that person doesn’t really love us, there must be a little disappointment in ourselves for having made the wrong choice. But, besides disappointment, there is also hope that one day, we will find someone who sincerely and truly wants to be with us. That’s the overall message Janita wants to convey in her work.

Although it was the first song she created, Janita Gabriela did not find it difficult. In fact, the writing process only took 20 minutes, from creating the chorus to recording. In conclusion, Janita advised the listeners to always believe in love. Even though you have been disappointed by your loved ones, don’t stop believing in love. One day, God will definitely bring us together with the right person who has sincere feelings.


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