Celebrating Her 17th Birthday, Nadine Fatiana Releases “LIMITS”

Bingkai Karya – Soloist Nadine Fatiana welcoming the next phase of life on her 17th birthday. In order to commemorate this milestone, the musician has revealed her latest work “LIMITS.” Having been releasing music since she was 15, Nadine coincidentally releases this track on her birthday. 

Previously, Nadine has brought up themes about friendship, first love, and her observation towards her surroundings in her past works. However, “LIMITS” becomes a song that depicts her own self and acts as a cynical reminder about her personality. “It was inspired by my own reflection. The song tells about my personality and attitude up to the point I think that this song is a playful tease towards my current state,” Nadine said. 

Befitting her birthday theme, the single artwork portrays Nadine holding up a round cake with a blossoming rose petals accent at the top. The symbol represents a new phase that she is about to enter. The young musician said that she has earned a lot of experience in her budding career as an artist. Thus, as her songwriting grows, she hopes to be able to represent her maturing self through the lyrics that she writes. 

Just as told on “LIMITS” that talks about perseverance, Nadine explained that she wishes to be consistent as an artist. Nadine could not wait to embrace her new age and she is also keen to work with other musicians and producers. She does not hesitate to mention that she is willing to write and compose more songs as she gets older. Moreover, Nadine would love to perform on more live stages to hone her skills as a performer. 


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