Derai Tells About Love Languages in “Love in Colors” EP

Derai, an alternative pop duo from Sukabumi consisting of Ica Deriza (Ica) and Ramli Nurhappi (Rai), released their first EP “Love in Colors”. This mini album contains 5 songs, ‘In My Blood’, ‘Relate To You’ and ‘On My Way’ and ‘Love Tale’ are 4 songs previously released namely. In addition, there is also 1 new song entitled ‘Minor’.

Ica said that “Love in Colors” shows Derai’s point of view about conveying the language of love which is represented through songs and colors. They want to convey that besides happiness, there is also sadness which is part of love.

Aspects of Love Language are acts of service, receiving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, and quality time. The physical touch aspect is represented in the song ‘In My Blood’, the word of affirmation for ‘Relate To You’ ‘On My Way’ represents the elements of acts of service, and ‘Love Tale’ which represents receiving gifts.

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The song ‘Minor’ has a pop genre with electro nuances combining the vocals of the two personnel with romantic English lyrics. Rai said that this song uses lyrics expressing that there are other forms that can be interpreted as love, such as sadness, fear, worry, disappointment, and anger which are also the languages ​​of love.

Ica and Rai hope that their newest EP will be accepted by them as well as accompany their fans in every story of their life. Derai hopes that their works on the EP “Love in Colors” will be remembered forever as works that always talk about happy love and vice versa.

“Love in Colors” and the five songs on this EP can be enjoyed on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia. The official visualizer for the single ‘Minor’ was released at the same time as the song’s release and can be enjoyed on the Derai YouTube channel.

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