Donne Maula’s “Bercinta Lewat Kata” Surpasses 9 Million Streams on Spotify in Just 2 Months

Donne Maula’s recent song, “Bercinta Lewat Kata,” has achieved remarkable success since its release just two months ago. The original version and a duet with Yura Yunita on TikTok have already garnered nearly 300,000 users, while the song’s lyric video on YouTube has been viewed almost 1.2 million times. 

Additionally, the track has been streamed almost 9 million times on Spotify. This achievement is largely owed to music enthusiasts in Indonesia who have embraced the song, using it to share their life and romance stories on social media. Donne Maula has even released a live version, “Bercinta Lewat Kata Feat Yura Yunita Live At Konser Tutur Batin,” on his YouTube channel.

The song’s creation process was driven by Donne’s contemplation of love and its complexities. He questioned the need for love to be bound by promises, the influence of media portrayals on romantic relationships, and the sometimes irrational exaggeration of romance. Donne believed that love should be expressed more simply and authentically. He emphasized the importance of choosing a life partner with whom one can have meaningful conversations, as friends and future children will each have their own paths to follow. For Donne, enjoyable communication with a life partner is vital for a lasting relationship.

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Remarkably, “Bercinta Lewat Kata” was conceived just one hour before the Tutur Batin YURA show and was performed for the first time on stage by Donne and Yura. The song’s reception by the concert audience was so enthusiastic that many listeners requested its official release. Thanks to the support of Yura, the song is now available to be enjoyed and cherished by listeners worldwide.


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