Dua Lipa Drops Second Single “Training Season” from Upcoming Album

Bingkai KaryaDua Lipa, the globally acclaimed pop sensation who has clinched three GRAMMY Awards and six BRIT Awards, has just unveiled her latest single, “Training Season,” the second track from her upcoming album slated for release later this year. Alongside the release, Dua Lipa also dropped the official music video for “Training Season.”

In discussing the song’s inspiration, Dua Lipa revealed, “Following a series of disappointing dates, the last of which was the final straw, I arrived at the studio the next morning and immediately declared, ‘TRAINING SEASON IS OVER.’ From there, along with Caroline and Tobias, we shared plenty of laughter, and the concept for this song naturally evolved.” She further elaborated, stating, “While the song clearly touches upon the emotions following the conclusion of advising people—especially men—on how to properly date, it also reflects the end of my personal ‘training season,’ where I’ve evolved with each encounter. I’ve never felt more self-assured, clear-minded, or empowered. While the ‘training season’ may continue for others, I’ve come to appreciate finding someone to experience growth alongside, moving away from seeking mere trainees to seeking mutual development.”

Directed by Vincent Haycock, the official video for “Training Season” opens with Dua Lipa’s voiceover, inundated with messages of apology and requests for a second chance. As the song unfolds, Dua Lipa is depicted sitting amidst a chaotic scene, surrounded by men vying for her attention. The song, penned by Dua Lipa, Caroline Ailin, Danny L. Harle, Tobias Jesso Jr., and Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, was produced by Parker and Harle.

Earlier this month, Dua Lipa delivered a captivating medley performance of “Training Season,” “Dance The Night Away,” and “Houdini” to kick off the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards. She is set to grace the stage once more at the BRIT Awards on March 2nd, where she’s nominated for three prestigious awards.

Highlighted as the cover star of Rolling Stone, Dua Lipa’s upcoming album has garnered praise for its captivating pop essence, described as uniquely Dua Lipa—confident dance-pop enriched with clever lyrical content suited for Instagram captions. Alongside “Training Season,” the album features “Houdini,” which has surpassed 300 million streams globally and earned silver certification in the UK. Upon release, “Houdini” soared to #1 on the UK Airplay chart, marking Dua Lipa’s 11th UK #1 airplay record, and secured the #1 spot for music videos worldwide on YouTube during its debut week. The track has received accolades from various media outlets, being hailed as “neo-psychedelic dancefloor fanfare” by Billboard and Rolling Stone, and lauded as a “pop masterclass” by Pitchfork and Vogue.

Dua Lipa recently achieved the milestone of becoming the first female artist with three songs, namely “One Kiss,” “Don’t Start Now,” and “New Rules,” each surpassing two billion streams on Spotify.


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