Dua Lipa Opens Grammys with Fiery Performance of Unreleased Track “Training Season”

Bingkai Karya – Global pop star Dua Lipa ignited the 66th GRAMMY Awards with a captivating performance of her upcoming single, “Training Season.” This previously unreleased track is set to drop on February 16th and signifies a bold new chapter in her musical journey, serving as the lead single for her much-anticipated third studio album.

Lipa emerged from a metallic box amidst a flurry of male dancers, captivating the audience with her signature fiery red hair and a sleek black bodysuit. She then launched into a powerful medley of “Training Season” and her recent hit, “Houdini.” Both tracks pulsated with raw energy, showcasing Lipa’s dynamic stage presence and electrifying vocals.

“Houdini,” already a chart-topping sensation, offered a taste of the sonic adventure awaiting fans on Lipa’s upcoming album. “Training Season,” however, presented a thrillingly fresh perspective, marking a confident shift in lyrical themes. In a recent interview with Billboard, Lipa declared, “Training Season is a new chapter. I’m not training anyone anymore. Training season is over.” This powerful statement resonated throughout the performance, empowering both Lipa and the audience.

Prior to the event, Lipa remained tight-lipped about the specifics of her opening act, promising an “intense, strong, and dancey” experience. True to her word, the performance delivered an impactful surprise, leaving both critics and fans buzzing with anticipation.

Praises poured in for Lipa’s electrifying energy and masterful stage presence. Many commentators delved into the deeper meaning of “Training Season,” interpreting it as an anthem of personal empowerment and self-assuredness.

Dua Lipa’s GRAMMYs performance undeniably served as a triumphant kickoff to the award show. The high-octane energy and visually stunning presentation set the stage for a night of musical celebration and artistic recognition. With the release of “Training Season” just around the corner, Lipa promises to continue pushing boundaries and captivating audiences worldwide.


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