Adhitia Sofyan Collaborates with Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja: A Melodic Tribute to Yogyakarta

Bingkai Karya – In 2024, six years post its initial release, Adhitia Sofyan ushered in the new year by unveiling a revamped version of “Sesuatu di Jogja,” in collaboration with Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja. Reflecting on his past work, Adhitia Sofyan had previously introduced the song in 2017 as part of the “8 Tahun” Extended Play (EP). This composition by Adhitia Sofyan has evolved into a cherished anthem for the inhabitants of Yogyakarta, particularly those with sentimental connections to the city.

Yogyakarta, renowned for its historical tapestry, cultural traditions, and customs, remains steadfast in preserving its unique heritage. Notably, the traditional Jogja delicacy, Bakpia, has endured as a culinary icon and sought-after souvenir for those exploring the city. Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja, a pioneering steamed Bakpia brand under PT Agrinesia Raya, identified the widespread appeal of the song and consequently decided to partner with Adhitia Sofyan to give “Sesuatu di Jogja” a fresh arrangement. The goal is to further enhance Yogyakarta’s distinct identity through a harmonious blend of taste and music.

The collaboration originated from Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja’s initiative to accommodate a special rearrangement of Adhitia Sofyan’s “Sesuatu di Jogja,” tailor-made for their brand. The intention is to infuse beauty and nostalgia by associating Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja with every corner of Yogyakarta. Adhitia Sofyan expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, remarking, “It’s interesting to work together. The song embodies Jogja, and Bakpia is quintessentially Jogja, so I’m pleased to collaborate with a brand that aligns with the essence of the song and Jogja itself. It’s gratifying to have the opportunity to give a new twist to this song and make it distinct from the original.”

The fresh arrangement of “Sesuatu di Jogja” is masterfully crafted by Rendi Kopay as the producer and Hendar Dimas Anggara as the music arranger. The new rendition exudes a more opulent and majestic ambiance, courtesy of the orchestral elements, in contrast to the original’s acoustic charm dominated by guitars. The creative process unfolded swiftly and seamlessly, with both the production team and Adhitia Sofyan displaying unwavering passion for the project.

The reimagined version of “Sesuatu di Jogja” is slated for release on February 1, 2024, across various digital music platforms, with the music video set to follow soon after to celebrate the song’s unveiling.

Adhitia Sofyan, a seasoned singer and songwriter with nearly 16 years of artistic contributions, boasts an impressive discography, including nine studio albums (comprising mini-albums), two live performance albums, 15 singles, and collaborations with diverse musicians since 2010. In December 2023, he captivated audiences with a sold-out concert in Jakarta, followed by a solo performance in Yogyakarta on January 31, 2024, commemorating the release of “Sesuatu di Jogja” in collaboration with Bakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja.


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