East Java Governor Khofifah Visited Malang Creative Center

Khofifah Indar Parawansa as the East Java Governor finally visited and took a look at eight-stories Malang Creative Center (MCC) in Malang City. The visitation was right after the soft launching in December 2022.

Moreover, Khofifah hoped that the corporate industries would use the facilities wisely. Whenever they need a services such as photographer, videographer, Event Organizer and so on, they can come to Malang Creative Center

There are seventeen subsector creative economies that are accommodated by Malang Creative Center. Therefore, She said that with it, hopefully the overall execution of the program will do spectacularly.

“Various East Java Provincial Government programs will also be synergized. For example, vocational school study program and high school double track program,” Khofifah said.

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What’s more, Khofifah also said that every profession born in MCC needs to have proper licensing and certification. This will help them further in the working industry.

“I hope that no pro-creativity and pro-innovation industry that will not include MCC in the future” 

In addition, Malang City Mayor Drs. H. Sutiaji explained that every activity and the existence of MCC is significant to reduce the open unemployment rate.

“Previously, Malang City was in the first position in East Java when it comes to open unemployment rate, and now we’re at number five already,” said Drs. Sutiaji. “This means that with the appearance MCC and our commitment to strengthen 17 sub sector creative economy, it can reduce the unemployment rate in Malang City significantly.”

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