Bingkai Karya – Rising New York-based artist Ella Galvin shares her new single, “Do Not Disturb,” out on all streaming platforms. “Do Not Disturb” is the second offering from Ella’s forthcoming debut EP and follows the project’s first single, “Spare Me.”

Guided by atmospheric bedroom-pop production and Ella’s serene vocals, “Do Not Disturb” is a dreamy listen. There’s a levity to the song — driven home by the playfully interpolated voice note that concludes the track — that makes it utterly captivating. 

I wrote this song about a situationship I was in last year,” Ella says. “Late at night on the weekend when I didn’t go out, I would put my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ but allowed notifications from this person. The lighthearted and energetic vibe, with a touch of playful over-editing, mirrors the carefree attitude I had towards this relationship. The song reflects my strange indifference but intrigue towards this relationship.”

Taking influence from pop, soul, jazz and rock, Ella’s songs showcase her fondness for experimentation and innovation. She got her start performing in a variety of fusion bands in Boston and New York before branching out with her own solo project in 2022. She’s spent the last few years developing her sound and fine-tuning her live show with performances around New York City.

On her upcoming EP, Ella masterfully combines her genre-blending musical influences with diaristic storytelling that captures the charm, discomfort, and introspection of being a young, queer woman in today’s world. With growing buzz and plenty of music in the pipeline, Ella Galvin is an artist you’re going to want to keep an eye on in 2024


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