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Enjoy Friday Night BBQ in The 101 Malang OJ!

The 101 Malang OJ launches a new menu called ‘Barbeque Ngebul Malam Jumat’ that can be enjoyed every Friday starting from May 27, 2022. ‘Barbeque Ngebul Malam Jumat’ is suitable for family time, eating with colleagues, and your beloved ones, surely with keeping the health protocol.

This BBQ has 2 versions of Barbeque Corner & Stall; Indonesian Style Set and Western Style Set. For the Indonesian Style Set, we can enjoy Sate Lilit Pandawa, Sate Ayam Original, Sate Tahu & Sate Pendjajah, Sate Pentol Mercon, Sate Ati & Ampelo, and Sate Pepes Jamur. Meanwhile, Western Style Set offers French Boneless Chicken, Marinated Fish Sour & Barbeque, and Chicken & Beef Sausage. All the sets also come with BBQ sauce. 

Not only the sets, ‘Barbeque Ngebul Malam Jumat’ also has Starter, Main Dish Buffet, and Dessert. We can enjoy Chef Chicken Salad and Potato & Cheese Salad for the Starters, and Steam Rice, Java Fried Rice, Favorite of Potato, and Jardinier Butter Mixed with Vegetable for the Main Dish Buffet.

To make the dinner sweeter, we can enjoy the Desserts; Pudding/Jelly, Slice Mixed Fruit, and Sanghai Ice. Enjoy the menu and set for  IDR 125,000,- Nett/Person, only in SKYROOM, the first and highest Rooftop Cafe in the Hotel in Malang. 


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