‘The Roundup’ Surpassed 7 Million Moviegoers in 2 Weeks

‘The Roundup’, or also known as ‘The Outlaw 2’, hit 7 million viewers in only 2 weeks of airing. This achievement beat Parasite’s in box office. ‘The Roundup’ is the sequel of a popular action movie in 2017 starring Ma Dong Seok, ‘The Outlaw’. 

With this achievement, ‘The Roundup’ became the fastest movie to reach 7 million viewers, beating the award-winning 2019 film, ‘Parasite’. Not only did it overtake ‘Parasite’, the sequel also overtook the original movie, ‘The Outlaw’. ‘The Outlaw’ reached 6.8 million moviegoers in 2017. 

‘The Roundup’ invites us to see the challenging journey of a legendary detective, Ma Seok Do, in chasing a super villain, Kang Hae Sang, who has committed crime in Vietnam. In doing his job, Ma Seok Do also worked with the police. Have you watched the film?


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