East Java Is Ready For The Mutual Partnership in Education and Digital Economy With Western Australia

The Vice Governor of East Java, Emil Elestianto Dardak, and the Deputy Prime Minister of Western Australia, Roger Cook, came to the East Java Super Corridor (EJSC) Co-Working Space Malang to do a work visit in order to see the communities and startups’ activity there. 

Roger Cook stated that the visitation was the first one after 2 years of pandemic. He came to Surabaya and Malang, and also met Emil Dardak to discuss their future cooperation between Western Australia and East Java. Roger also met some students who had studied in Western Australia which then opened and continued their businesses in East Java. 

Roger also spotted some valuable potential in East Java, such as how East Java empowered the young generations to be able to work for the future digital economy. East Java, especially Surabaya and Malang, were ready to embrace the future and become a modern economic international community. 

Emil Elestianto Dardak and Roger Cook came to East Java Super Corridor and had a podcast session with Bingkai Karya

Emil added that Western Australia and East Java had been working on a mutual relationship for 30 years. He also said that there were many potentials that could establish cooperation, from people, businesses, to cargos. 

“We want to begin a study to look into possibly linking Banyuwangi and Perth (the sea port), so that there is more trade on goods going from Western Australia to East Java. And maybe in the future, we want more tourists, not only going to Bali, but also visiting East Java, and more East Java people also going to Perth because it has to be a mutual cooperation,” said Emil on Bingkai Suara podcast, Tuesday (31/05/2022).

Furthermore, Emil also explained about one of the partnerships which was the Spatial Economic Zone (Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus/KEK). He had been invited to a joint education session meeting with the representatives of some universities in Perth. 

“We will also have a Western Australia Corner and Western Australia Week during the commemoration of the anniversary of our partnership, sister province within East Java and Western Australia, probably in September, when Premier McGowan will meet the Governor of East Java, Khofifah. We will have the same (event) in Perth; East Java Week and East Java Corner,” added him. 


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