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Exciting Action Films to Look Out for in 2023

The year 2023 offers a number of highly anticipated action films for fans of the genre. From intriguing plots to thrilling action sequences, the latest action films this year promise an unforgettable experience. Here are four recommendations for the latest action films that will make you feel like the main character.

“Meg 2: The Trench”

After briefly fighting a Megalodon shark that accidentally ‘escaped’ from its confinement in the Mariana Trench, now Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) is back in the sea. He was asked to lead a group of scientists on an exploratory dive to one of the deepest points, the abyss of the Pacific Ocean.

Their exploration trip goes awry when a marine mining operation goes wrong. The resulting accident causes the prehistoric shark that Jonas once met to surface again. Another super-large and deadly Megalodon is ready to crush anyone in its path.

“Indiana Jones: The Dial of Destiny”

In 1944, an American archaeologist and adventurer named Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) once provided assistance to Basil Shaw (Toby Jones), one of his close friends, to thwart the theft of a mysterious watch named Antikythera by a Nazi, Jürgen Voller ( Mads Mikkelsen).

25 years later, it turns out that Jones must meet Voller again. This time because Voller was appointed by the US Government to take part in a space competition to defeat the Soviet Union. But Voller cheated, he wanted to rule the world through the help of NASA, plus his efforts to find Antikythera became stronger.


Detective Danny Rourke (Ben Affleck) is devastated to learn that his 7-year-old daughter Minnie has been missing. Intending to find his missing daughter, Danny instead falls into trouble as well as a series of crimes that make him unable to think properly and correctly.

Finally he meets a mysterious man named Dellrayne (William Fichtner) who can control minds. Danny also works with a fortune teller named Diana Cruz (Alice Braga). They help Danny to find the princess through hypnosis therapy but ends in a complex.

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“Extraction 2”

Tyler also agreed to their rescue mission and immediately went to the prison in Georgia where they were being held. During the process of rescuing the husband of Tyler’s ex-wife’s sister, he was killed and angered the gangsters whose incidentally was the husband’s family. Now Tyelr and the others are being hunted.

These are the four recommendations for the latest action films in 2023 that should not be missed. From thrilling action to intriguing plots, these films will fully engage you in their stories and make you feel like the main character. Mark the release dates and enjoy the exhilarating experience at your nearest cinema!


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