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Dennis van Aarssen and Trio Black Tie Affair Launch Single “Lifeline”

Dennis van Aarssen, a jazz musician who won The Voice Holland 2019 and the Edison Award for his album “Forever You” in 2020, has released a new song with the trio BLACK TIE AFFAIR.  The song “Lifeline” was published in collaboration with Skiggy Rapz and Rene van Mierlo as part of the BLACK TIE AFFAIR trio.

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Dennis van Aarssen in 2020 formed the Black Tie Affair trio with René van Mierlo, a talented songwriter, and producer Marcel Tegelaar.  Dennis van Aarssen believes that with them, he has the ideal blend of diverse talents to push musical boundaries, experiment, and create the best current music.

Dennis explains that Black Tie Affair’s combination and modern sound-making are perfectly capable of dynamically arranging his more traditional “swinging crooner” singing style.  By combining musical variations such as Soul, Jazz and Pop with contemporary beats, fresh sounds and modern production, the Black Tie Affair brings Dennis van Aarssen, a singer with an old soul, into the 21st century.

“Lifeline” was composed by Rene van Mierlo, while the lyrics are a collaboration between Dennis van Aarssen and Rene van Mierlo.  By utilizing the abilities of each member of the Black Tie Affair, especially the teamwork between them, this song manages to present an interesting sound, structure and composition. (   By challenging and reinforcing each other based on different musical backgrounds, this song becomes more significant and unique in each of its parts.  Dennis van Aarssen himself seems to be a singing tour guide, bringing listeners to explore the music presented in the song “Lifeline”.

Dennis van Aarssen describes “Lifeline” as a fun, leg-breaking summer song.  With touching lyrics about each other’s presence, this song becomes the perfect companion to complete the mood.  Listen to this song and get ready to dance under the moonlight!

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