Basboi Poured Unique Work Titled ‘Big City Cash’ For WeTV Ost. “Mozachiko”

Basboi is here with his latest work. With Virtual Jukebox, he released “Big City Cash” to fill the ost. of MD Entertainment’s latest series “Mozachiko”. A collaboration with MD Musik Indonesia and Dominion Records, “Big City Cash” tells the story of how big cities can be seductive, with twinkling lights that make people want to come. 

The song’s R&B and modern style depict Moza (Rebecca Klopper), a beautiful and innocent local girl who has just arrived in Jakarta, a city that can be a place to get a chance at a more successful life, but also at a huge cost, such as intense competition, high stress, loneliness, and so on. 

When Basboi performed “Big City Cash” for the first time, he certainly wanted to continue to showcase his unique side in this work. This is evidenced by Basboi writing his lyrics during the recording. Armed with only the synopsis of the series, Basboi immediately poured his ideas into the lyrics and arranged them by Virtual Jukebox. 

“I’m happy to be involved in this project because this is the first time I’ve sung and written a song directly for the soundtrack. So I’m excited!” said Basboi. “Big City Cash” is now available on various digital streaming music platforms on June 30, 2023. Also, look out for the official lyric video on MD Music’s Youtube channel.

About “Mozachiko”

“Mozachiko”, tells the story of Moza (Rebecca Klopper) and Chiko (Junior Roberts), who are as incompatible as oil and water. This is something Moza only realizes when she tries to make Chiko her boyfriend in 100 days. 

On the other hand, the most popular girl in school, Nancy (Keisya Levronka), has been on edge since Moza’s arrival. Not only does the situation get complicated at school, but because of Nancy’s background, Moza’s personal life also changes. The continuation of their exciting story can only be watched in full on WeTV Indonesia.

About Basboi

Basboi is a hip hop/RnB musician who started his career in Bandung and has successfully produced several works since 2017 and held a “Fresh Graduate” tour in 4 cities in Java-Bali. Not only that, Basboi who is synonymous with catchy lyrics and music colors managed to attract the attention of Converse Indonesia and was chosen as a Converse X Indonesia ambassador to perform at the Converse X Global Moment in Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles.

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