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Aruma Describes Today’s Reality That Is Close To Sadness Through “Ekspektasi”

Aruma is back with her new single “Ekspektasi” featuring Raim Laode, after her debut single “Muak” which managed to get a positive response from the public. The song was written by Aditya Sahid. 

Aruma mentioned that she was very happy to sing with Raim because he has a strong voice and beautiful works. Raim also welcomed his collaboration with Aruma.  He thinks that she has the right combination to enter the music industry.

This collaboration also gave Aruma a lot of experience and knowledge. Although the work on this single did not take too long, she admitted that there were challenges compared to working on her first song.

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“Unlike “Muak” which I sing from my own perspective, in this song, I have to be able to convey two different points of view well. We have to produce a harmonious tone with coherent lyrics so that the meaning of this song reaches the listeners,” she said.

For Raim, the process of recording this song was not as difficult as he might imagine, except for the part to find the basic notes. This song still belongs to the same genre as Aruma’s previous single, but is given an upbeat tempo at the end without reducing the sad nuance.

With its deep meaning, Aruma hopes that this song will be accepted by music lovers in the country, both those who are new to Aruma and those who are new to it. In line with Aruma, Raim hopes that this single can accompany those who are facing reality as in songs.

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