Nadin Amizah Shows Her Revenge on Latest Single “Rayuan Perempuan Gila” 

Nadin Amizah has returned by releasing a new single titled “Rayuan Perempuan Gila”. In her latest release, Nadin talks about the pain of being made to believe that she is a crazy and unlovable woman by her past lover. However, despite the sad POV, Nadin actually agrees and chooses to take the right position as the crazy woman the man mentioned, transforming into one that seduces a man to still be able to love her.

As usual, Nadin doesn’t position herself as an encourager in ‘Rayuan Perempuan Gila’.  Instead, she continues to be open about her problems. After 11 years of being told insane by the man she loved, Nadin finally had enough grace to take the humorous side of the incident. ( This is also the reason why Nadin wrote ‘Rayuan Perempuan Gila’ with keroncong bossa music as her main reference. Staying true to her DNA as a songwriter, Nadin wants her listeners to take on the role of a smiling seducer.

The song ‘Rayuan Perempuan Gila’ is Nadin’s door to explore musical colors that are more branching than what she usually writes. With Lafa Pratomo as her producer, Nadin entrusted the instrumentation to Lafa, and with his expertise in making versatile music, Lafa perfected Nadin’s vision for ‘Rayuan Perempuan Gila’. 

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Along with the production of this song, there was also a trend of ‘cegil’ as an abbreviation for ‘cewe gila’ or crazy girl in English on social media. Nadin felt it was a sweet coincidence that ‘cegil’ would finally have an anthem for them. She was intrigued by the phrase ‘cegil unite’ and finally felt less alone in her madness. 

‘Rayuan Perempuan Gila’ is also the opening single from Nadin Amizah’s upcoming second album, which tells the story of three continuous phases. ‘Rayuan Perempuan Gila’ belongs to the first phase of the album, which tells the story of not feeling worthy of being loved.  ‘Rayuan Perempuan Gila’ is a form of Nadin’s honesty in laughing at what people used to say about her, and a form of Nadin daring to try to expand the color of her music at a more mature age. Currently Nadin’s new single “Rayuan Perempuan Gila” can already be listened to on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia.

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