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Kyle Kushner Tells About Regret Through “I’m Sorry”

Kyle Kushner is back with a song titled ‘I’m Sorry’. This second single is still written by Kyle about his life. Kyle does this because through songwriting, he can process things that are happening around him or even his own situation. He said songs are a therapy for him to get through difficult times, or to enjoy the good times more.

‘I’m Sorry’ tells a story where a person realizes the mistakes they’ve made to their partner or someone they used to have a good relationship with, and is trying to fix the relationship back to good through an apology that is expected to be able to turn back time so that everything can be fixed.

“All of us as humans must have felt regret about our decisions or what we did to others. It’s okay to feel that way. The important thing is not to get too lost in regret, because our personal health is also very important,” said the Indonesian-American singer.

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“I’m Sorry” was written by Kyle Kushner himself. The song also involves Suarasa consisting of Ankadiov and Andreas Arianto as Producer and Arranger, while Mixing by Hari Kurnia, Mastering by Dimas Pradipta, and Vocal Director by Williana Saraswati. 

In addition, Kyle also hopes that his latest work can feel relatable to many people who are feeling about what he is trying to describe in this single. He feels that there are certainly a lot of people who have regret in themselves and want to make good things again with the people they have hurt. 

There are still many new singles that Kyle is preparing in the near future, including a single that draws from his past with a warmer, lighter theme, but still feels warm and soulful. While waiting for more sweet surprises from Kyle, his new single, ‘I’m Sorry‘, can already be listened to on all digital streaming services in Indonesia.

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