Featuring Andmesh Kamaleng, Yovie Widianto Releases Collaborative Single “Bukan Sebuah Rindu”

Bingkai Karya-Once again, the Indonesian music industry is delighted with a collaboration initiated by Yovie Widianto. This time, the maestro chose Andmesh to sing his latest song entitled “Bukan Sebuah Rindu”; which is also part of the “Yovie and His Friends” project.

Andmesh was chosen because of his outstanding achievements in the Indonesian music industry. Since the beginning of his appearance, Andmesh has stolen the maestro’s attention. “Andmesh is a warrior with high potential, he is a very talented divo and musician,” Yovie said.

Also collaborating with his son, Arsy Widianto, Yovie is satisfied with their work on this project. “I am impressed with Arsy’s work because he is always capable of interpreting the depth of a song,” he mentioned. Arsy’s expressive songwriting collaborated with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra makes “Bukan Sebuah Rindu ” even more special in terms of composition.

“Bukan Sebuah Rindu” tells the story of someone who holds longing for a figure that used to be so close. However, due to many things that have happened in life, people are always changing. The lyrics convey the message that reality is not always in line with someone’s wishes.

The Official Music Video was produced by Nocturnal Projects, directed by Bobby Adrian and Jessy Sylviani. In terms of concept, this music video takes a back and forth flow, captures the story of a man and woman who have been friends for a long time until a spark of love grows between them. But conflict comes when they both grow up.

The production of this single was also supported by Indonesia’s best musicians and music production crew, ranging from Adrian Kitut as producer, Ari Renaldi as strings arranger, Bowo Soulmate and Dennis Nussy as vocal director and backing vocal, as well as Daus Kenzie, Hery Alesis, and Yusup Albatani. Furthermore, Yovie explained that this collaboration has actually been going on since the pandemic time, but the song is just being released now.

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