Featuring Eclat Story, ADA Band Brings Back the 2003 Hit “Manja”

Bingkai Karya-The cross-generational collaboration between Eclat Story and ADA Band is back on. After remaking the song “Masih” a few months ago, this Jakarta-based pop band has released another collaboration song “Manja.”

Even after being released more than 20 years ago, the songs “Masih” and “Manja” are still well-known today. The two tracks could be found on Ada Band’s 2003 first album, “Metamorforsis.”

Eclat Story, which consists of Yeshua Abraham and Yosua Gunawan, considers the opportunity to bring back the songs “Masih” and “Manja” to be a great honor for them.  Moreover, these two songs also contain nostalgia and memories for many people.

Brings Back The Nostalgia

“This song not only brings nostalgia to the listeners, but also becomes part of our music journey. Another challenge for us was during the production process on how to give it a new color. We felt responsible to keep the essence and authenticity of the song, while also adding our unique Eclat vibe,” they said.

The song “Manja” was written by Dika and Krisna ADA Band, while the new version was produced by SEEK (Jessilardus Mates, Marco Steffiano, Adrian Rahmat Purwanto, Josh Kunze). Barsena Bestandhi also vocal directing this project. In the new version of “Manja”, the two vocalists of the music group, Eclat with Yeshua and ADA Band with Naga blended beautifully. The new arrangement also makes the song sound even more fresh.

“We worked on this song in a quick process, only about 2 months. It’s really fun to meet musicians across genres and SEEK friends too. So this remake project of Eclat x ADA Band’s version of ‘Manja’ was a lot of fun,” said Naga, vocalist of ADA Band. 

Yosua Gunawan, another Eclat Story personnel added that he hopes music enthusiasts and ADA Band fans will enjoy their work.  “Our hope for ‘Manja’ is that it will bring back sweet memories to the listeners. Also we hope that our work could provide a new fun and entertaining experience,” he concluded. 

“Manja” is now airing on all digital streaming platforms. The Official Music Video of “Manja” will also be available on Eclat Story’s YouTube channel.

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