Febinda Tito on Feeling Blue Through ‘Hati Tak Sama’

Febinda Tito released a new song titled ‘Hati Tak Sama’. This song is a continuation of the previous 4 singles ‘Tak Lagi-Lagi’, ‘Mengalah’, ‘Berantakan’ and ‘Semau-maumu’. (www.contentbeta.com) Tito’s latest song, ‘Hati Tak Sama’ tells a story of maturity in dealing with heartbreak and is inspired by a personal story.

The 03:11-minute slow-paced pop rock song was created by Dimas Wibisana, Bianca Nelwan, Febinda Tito, Wildan Ruruh and Windu Airlangga. The producers are Dimas Wibisana, Febinda Tito, Wildan Ruruh and Windu Airlangga. 

Tito’s songs are interrelated to each other. ‘Semau-maumu‘ took the POV of a teenageer’s lovesick phase. ‘Berantakan‘ tells the couple’s upset moments. ‘Mengalah‘ takes the story of romance in the heartbreak phase. ‘Mengalah’ is about the phase of letting go of the fact that the relationship has ended.  Meanwhile, ‘Tak Lagi-Lagi‘ tells the story of moving-on. 

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However, not only the song that is connected,  the official music video for this song is also connected to each other. “Hati Tak Sama”, takes place when the two couples in the music video meet again after in the previous song ‘Tak Lagi-Lagi’ one of them is known to have had an affair. For this song, Tito made the MV concept about making peace with the past and giving it a second chance.

Tito hoped that his work can be accepted into the Indonesian music industry and that it can encourage those in a heartbreak phase. Currently, ‘Hati Tak Sama‘ can already be enjoyed on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia and the official music video can be watched on Febinda Tito‘s youtube channel.

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