Bingkai Karya – Far from the direction of spitting bars and delivering wicked rhymes on his previous EP ‘COM•PLEX’, musician, style icon, and overall rockstar Felip now talks about isolation, fear of betrayal, and finding authenticity with ‘Fake Faces’. He turns to his gritty rock influences – akin to early 2010s emo, alternative, and pop-punk. With hard-hitting lyrics reflective of present-day struggles, ‘Fake Faces’ is sure to be an instant hit to both fans and first-time Felip listeners. Felip has been delivering landmark achievements as an individual powerhouse artist while being a member of the phenomenal P-pop group SB19. ‘Fake Faces’ is actually a track that was co-written with Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Seann Bowe (Wiz Khalifa, All That Remains, The Veronicas), and produced by internationally-acclaimed producer Hyuk Shin, founder of the 153/Joombas Music Group.

‘Flying out to Malaysia to work on everything from the track to the music and lyric videos was

definitely a career highlight; these are big opportunities for me.’ In fact, Felip shares that he did try to keep his nerves at bay during the entire process – as he has the honor and distinction of being the very first Filipino artist to work with Hyuk Shin. In a mere two days, the track was finished and polished, with Felip being ultimately satisfied with the quality of the output.

Upon its release last April 5, ‘Fake Faces’ immediately received merit on the world’s largest and most popular music platforms: the track was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist across the region as well as Spotify Philippines’ Tatak Pinoy and OPM Rising playlists. On Apple Music, it was featured first on the New Releases section, and landed important spotlights on the Absolute OPM Playlist and the New Music Daily playlist. Meanwhile, the official music video for ‘Fake Faces’ trended at number 12 and the lyric video peaked at the 13th spot within the first week of release on Youtube.

So what’s next for Felip? ‘More songs and more events,’ he reveals. With SB19’s PAGTATAG!

Tour finale coming up, Felip is committed to producing music in spite of his busy schedule.

International fans rejoice as he hopes to penetrate the global scene and play in venues outside the Philippines soon. With plans to continue the group’s tour next week in Dubai and Japan, Felip hopes he will leave an indelible mark in the global spotlight.


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