FLAVS Festival 2022 Announced Line-Up Phase 2

FLAVS Festival 2022 is back with the list of the performers for phase 2. There will be 19 names to be announced. Interestingly, the performers are not from Java and Jakarta areas only, but also spread across Indonesia. 

That is what makes FLAVS Festival 2022 to be distinct from other festivals because the regeneration and fresh talents from Indonesian music industry are widely spread across Indonesia and they deserve to get the highlight, so that they can improve more. 

The performers are  Al Smith, Almamosca, Andmesh Kamaleng, DREAMFILLED, BAP., DZEE, Flava Effect, BRIGHTBEAT from IndoBeatbox, Jumat Gombrong, Kaleb J, Kenny Gabriel who will perform as The Playground Live Session, Kripikpedeus, Krowbar, Marion Jola, SIVIA, Teddy Adhitya, Vocalizm, a collaboration project of Time Machine: The RnB Divas, and the winners of FLAVS NU ICON 2022. 

The music festival that accommodates various colors and cultures in hip hop, soul, and R&B will be held on September 10-11, 2022 in Istora Senayan, Jakarta. The event will be a collaboration platform for some collectives across Indonesia to show their talents. 

This year’s event brings the theme “Revival” which underlines the spirit of reviving to stand up and hold hands after everything stopped. Therefore FLAVS Festival 2022 tries to ignite the spirit with the existence of the amazing performers. 

From the line-up listed above, a collaboration project of Time Machine: The RnB Divas becomes one of the most anticipated events. Some divas and renowned singers will perform in the project, including Denada, Imaniar, Reza Artamevia, Sania, and Shanty. Those great singers will perform together with Nikita Dompas as Music Director. 

Not only collaborations, FLAVS Festival 2022 also brings collective musics and hip hop groups, such as DREAMFILLED (Jakarta), Flava Effect (Surabaya), Jumat Gombrong (Yogyakarta) and some great beatbox musician like Brightbeat from Indobeatbox and Vocalizm. 

FLAVS Festival 2022 will also be a platform to find new talents. Thus, the performance of the winners of FLAVS NU ICON is a must-watched one. The winners spread from western Indonesia to Eastern Indonesia, like Farrel Hilal (Jakarta), GhabrielMC (Maluku), Jackpool (Pekanbaru), Onal S.OB & G!ANO (Papua). 

FLAVS Festival 2022 will be conducted offline and online. The hybrid system is used in order that everyone from across Indonesia can enjoy the event. Get the information about the ticket in www.flavs.id. What are you waiting for?


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