Fourtwnty rocks Indonesia with long-awaited Nalar Album Tour!

Bingkai Karya – Having conquered Singapore and Malaysia, Fourtwnty returns home in January with their Nalar Album Tour, finally unleashing their latest tunes on Indonesian soil. It’s their first tour for the album Nalar, released in April, and the band’s thrilled to share the music live with their devoted fans.

Get ready for three electrifying stops across Indonesia: Surabaya (Jan 19th), Yogyakarta (Jan 21st), and Jakarta (Jan 27th). Expoindo joins forces with the band to make this dream tour a reality. “Partnering with Fourtwnty since 2017 fills us with immense pride,” gushes Novry Hetharia, Expoindo Director. “Supporting local talent is paramount, and we hope this tour expands Fourtwnty’s reach,” adds Bram Tulong, Expoindo General Manager.

Score your tickets from Rp50,000 (presale) to Rp200,000 (includes a Meet & Greet!). Dive into the BBO app – Expoindo’s trusted partner – to grab yours. Buckle up for a two-hour sonic journey featuring 18 tracks, spanning classics and Nalar’s gems. “Expect a fresh experience compared to our previous shows,” promises Ari Lesmana, Fourtwnty’s frontman. “We’re revamping sound, visuals, and lighting to set the stage ablaze!”

Nalar, their third album and comeback after a five-year hiatus, carries a powerful message. “Think of Nalar as your personal remedy for unhealable wounds,” Ari explains. The 10-track masterpiece resonates deeply, just like the lyrics of “Aku Mencintai Traumaku”: “Tears, laughter, rage, and unease are the spices, and the blue backdrop, a silent witness.”

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster on the Nalar Album Tour. Fourtwnty’s music tackles universal themes of love, loss, and the human experience. Let the concert be a sanctuary to share, connect, and finally unleash your pent-up emotions. See you there!

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