Australian Indie Rockers Vacations Return with “No Place Like Home”

Bingkai Karya – Australia’s beloved Vacations are back with their highly anticipated new album, “No Place Like Home.” Following a period of personal transformation for frontman Campbell Burns, who grappled with Pure OCD, the record delves into themes of self-discovery, growth, and navigating the complexities of living with intrusive thoughts.

The album’s lead single, “Over You,” boasts a playful music video directed by Jax Anderson and featuring the talented Georgia Maq of Camp Cope. The band describes the video as an “exploration of self-obsession,” a humorous take on the emotional rollercoaster of ego.

Musically, “No Place Like Home” marks a new chapter for Vacations. Expanding their signature melodic indie rock, the album sees Burns and bandmates Jake Johnson, Nate Delizzotti, and Joseph Van Lier explore Americana influences and incorporate elements like pianos, acoustic guitars, and lap steel alongside modern drum machines and synths. This blend of old and new resonates with listeners, evidenced by the album’s success on streaming platforms. Singles like “Terms & Conditions,” “Midwest,” “Close Quarters,” and the popular “Next Exit” have garnered millions of streams, with the band enjoying top ranking positions in Asia, particularly in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Produced by Burns and John Velasquez (Zella Day, Broods), “No Place Like Home” comprises 10 shimmering tracks showcasing Vacations’ evolution as musicians and storytellers. With honest lyrics, catchy hooks, and a touch of bittersweet melancholy, the album offers a journey of introspection and transformation, all wrapped in Vacations’ signature sun-drenched indie rock sound.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering Vacations for the first time, “No Place Like Home” is a captivating listen, offering a glimpse into the band’s artistic growth and unwavering spirit. So turn up the volume and embark on a musical journey with Vacations – a welcome return that feels right at home.


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