GLAS Talk About Acceptance of Past Love in “BLOOM”

GLAS released their brand-new song, “BLOOM” on  December 9th 2022. The self-produced Indonesian Girl Group made the formal announcement that all of their activities would now be known as GLAS (was before known as GLASS) prior to the release of their much anticipated song.

The new name conveys the idea that, although being less powerful and as stunning as pearls or as brilliant as a diamond, it will still reflect lovely light in the hopes that despite any imperfections it may have, it won’t ever be a burden that drags the group down.

Unlike the groups’ earlier works, which included outstanding performances and music heavily focused on electronic dance music, their latest release served a more novel.

Using a fresh, young concept and Latin-Hip Hop-based music with a delicate R&B melody. The blending of PB’s smooth melodic-like rhyming with the three various complex tones of sound from Triarona, Denise, and Eugine undoubtedly produced a distinctive and captivating sound. Easy-to-listen to music.

The song “BLOOM” portrays the letting go of previous loves. While other songs talk about regrets, this one emphasizes the great memories while embracing the idea that despite the love’s fleeting nature, it is still beautiful and meaningful.

Digital downloads of the song “BLOOM” will be made available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc. A music video for the song will also be released by GLAS and posted on their official YouTube channel.


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