Mytha Lestari Learns to Let Go in “Bukan Untuk Dimiliki”

Mytha Lestari closes 2022 with her new single “Bukan Untuk Dimiliki” which also will be the original soundtrack for a film by MD Entertainment,”Ayo Putus”.

“Bukan Untuk Dimiliki” was written by Eltandre and is about someone who doesn’t believe in love until they meet someone who makes them consider their thoughts about love. They feel like their presence is not valued. They get heartbreak, they revive, but have to fall again. 

“(I feel like) this song is beyond my comfort zone because the vocal range and the notes are (various from) low to high. I spent almost 5 days practicing this song,” expressed her.

On the other hand, she also hopes that this song can be a companion to our sadness and can be a reminder to be happier if we are in the same situation.

“Ayo Putus” is a movie adapted from a novel with the same title. The movie talks about a man named “Selatan”, starring Bryan Domani, who always breaks up with his girlfriend after 3 days of dating.

Yet, when he meets Alma, starring Syifa Hadju, in a condition in which they have to build a relationship and know each other, Selatan’s habit to break up every 3 days slowly fades.

“Ayo Putus” will air on December 15, 2022 in Prime Video. Meanwhile, “Bukan Untuk Dimiliki” is already available on all digital streaming platforms.  

Mytha Lestari is a singer songwriter who begins her music career by winning a talent show. She also often releases pop-ballad love songs which are really relatable to her fans. Some of her songs like “Aku Cuma Punya Hati”, “Denganmu Cinta” and “Menghapus Yang Terukir” reach millions of listeners in many digital streaming platforms. 


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