Good Morning Everyone & Mustika Kamal Express the Sincerity of Love in “Something Stay When I Left Away”

Good Morning Everyone released a single entitled “Something Stay When I Left Away” on December 2, 2022. This song is a remake previously released on the album “Self Titled” in 2014. What’s different this time is that GME invited Mustika Kamal, a musician from Bandung, a member of a band called CVNDY, for this latest release.

This song tells the story of someone who inevitably has to leave someone they loved. It could also be about inevitably having to leave something that they really like. This song is a symbol of sincerity of love or loving is not about having them around. 

“Something Stay When I Left Away” was first written in 2005 and was recorded in the studio in 2014, which was then released into the “Self Titled” album. In addition to collaborating with  Mustika Kamal, the arrangement for this song is also different from the previous version, there is an ambient present through the electric guitar. The process of making this song was fairly quick, which was less than a week. It was also recorded in 2 studios: in Semarang and in Bandung.

This song is one of the anthems for longtime GME listeners. A song that was never absent from stage to stage during the early era of GME’s formation. It is hoped that this song will bring a nostalgic impression to old GME listeners and at the same time give a new feel to current GME listeners.


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