Good Morning Everyone Releases Acoustic Version of “Istimewa”

Bingkai Karya – Semarang, Indonesia – February 2, 2024 – Good Morning Everyone (GME), a pop band from Semarang, Indonesia, has released an acoustic version of their popular single “Istimewa”. The song, which features a collaboration with Uan Kaisar from Juicy Luicy, was originally released in 2023.

The acoustic version of “Istimewa” is a lighter and more intimate take on the original song. The band’s decision to release an acoustic version of the song was inspired by the success of their previous acoustic releases, such as “Pengingat”, which has reached 3 million streams on Spotify and 300,000 uses on TikTok.

“Istimewa” tells the story of a man who is ready to propose to a woman who he considers special in every way. The song also serves as a message of appreciation for women who often feel insecure and inadequate.

GME hopes that the acoustic version of “Istimewa” will be enjoyed by both existing fans and new listeners. They also hope that the song will provide comfort and inspiration to people in all walks of life.

Good Morning Everyone is a pop band from Semarang, Indonesia. The band was formed in 2008 and consists of Mochamad Ichsan (vocals), Yuli Prakoso (guitar), Erwin Hadinata (keyboard), Arsy’addin Aditia Ramadani (bass), and Daniel Belsa Subandi (guitar).

GME has released four studio albums, namely “Morning” (2011), “Afternoon” (2014), “Evening” (2017), and “Night” (2020). The band has also released several singles, including “Bukan Begitu Caramu”, “Secepat Mungkin”, “Tunggu Aku”, and “Pengingat”.

GME is known for their catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics. The band has won several awards, including AMI Awards and Anugerah Musik Bali.


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